Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome, Sister

I have spent a week here in Uganda already. Sorry for the delay in an update, but I do not have internet access. I have already had so many adventures, I don’t even know where to start!I am living in BULA Children’s home with 19 full-time children, 4 full-time adults, and one other volunteer. Right now the children are on holiday, so we have 6 additional children home from secondary school where they are boarding students. In celebration of everyone being home, “we” are having chicken for dinner tonight (I am a vegetarian). Right now, they are killing the chickens in the backyard, and I am cringing.The children are very sweet, and I have been welcomed so warmly!! They have trouble pronouncing my name, so I have become Sister Brown instead. I have finally learned all of their names, too. In addition to the humans, we have a very skittish guard dog named Tiger, and we just got the cutest little black kitten that the children named Garfield. I am so happy to have animals around! I have met the headmistress and several of the teachers at St. Kizito, and they are also very friendly and warm and eager for the afterschool program to begin. I will be an aid in the nursery classroom on Mondays because they have so many children, and then I will work with P1 and P2 afterschool on Tuesdays, P3 and P4 on Wednesdays, and P5 and P6 on Thursdays. I can’t wait to meet the children. Every time I visit Gganda the smallest children in the village shout “hi muzungu” as I am riding past. They are adorable!I don’t want to make this too long, but know that I am happy and healthy and looking forward to an exciting week. Thank you for all of your support!


  1. A guard dog that is skittish and named Tiger...thats so much irony..;)

    Sounds like things are going great

  2. Mackenzie, I am so excited for you. Let me know what we can do to work with you. My theme this year is Amazing Animal Adventures. What does muzungu mean? Enjoy!

  3. Donna, as far as I remember mzungu means white man/woman. we were called like that all the time while cycling in Africa few years ago.
    Mackenzie, I found your blog through Donna`s suggestions:) I wish I will one have a chance to go back to Africa, maybe also working... Be safe!