Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BULA Children's Home

This is a video I put together of the children I lived with at BULA Children's Home.

Early on in my stay, I had the privilege of taking half of the children to visit their guardians in a remote village about 3 hours west of Kampala. As you can see from the first set of photos in the video, these homes are very basic, and house entire families in just one or two rooms. Most of our children have other siblings still living in these villages, so school holidays pose an important opportunity for our children to reconnect with their families and truly get to know them and how they live. This visit was perhaps the most moving experience I had while in Uganda. Some of these people had never even seen a white person before we showed up, and some of their neighbors even ran away from us. Although most spoke little to no English, their immense gratitude shown through their warm smiles and hugs, and gifts of bananas, jack fruit, and roosters. The small water source for the villages was completely dried up after an extended drought, and everyone was suffering, and yet they still chose to send us home loaded with gifts. I will never forget that day, and I have never appreciated a shower as much as I did that night when we got home.

The second set of pictures are from the home when the kids took my camera for a bit ;)

The last set is from a trip to a local restaurant and pool for an outing. This particular restaurant invited our children and those of another orphanage to come have a meal at their place, and then paid for all the kids to go swimming in a neighboring pool. This was a rare treat, and as you can probably see, the kids don't know how to swim. We tried to help them as best we could, and they (and we) had a wonderful time!

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